楊枝甘露食譜 Mango, Pomelo & Sago Dessert Recipe

水 450毫升
芒果 3個
忌廉 4湯匙
金柚肉 適量
細西米 3湯匙

水 3湯匙
砂糖 3湯匙


  1. 先將芒果切粒,將其中一個芒果攪汁 。西柚去皮 , 取出果肉並分成一小塊
  2. 滾水後落細西米煮6分鐘後關火焗15分鐘,之後取出,用凍水清洗,晾乾水份
  3. 將砂糖融入滾水中直至砂糖溶解,備用
  4. 將細西米加到糖水攪勻,再加入芒果汁、椰漿及忌廉
  5. 加入芒果肉及金柚肉


3 Mango
Pinch Pomelo
450 ml Water
3 tbsp Sago
4 tbsp Cream
4 tbsp Coconut Milk

3 tbsp Water
3 tbsp Sugar


  1. 2 mangos diced and 1 juiced .For pomelo, tear membrane off and pull segments into small pieces
  2. Boil the water in a pot, when boiling, add the sago in the water and leave it for 6 minutes. Turn off the heat and set aside after 15 minutes. Take it out, rinse with cold water then dry it
  3. To make syrup, add the sugar in the boiling water until the sugar dissolves completely then set aside
  4. Add the sago in syrup and mix well, then add the mango juice, coconut milk and cream
  5. Add some diced mangos and pomelo

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